Give your Living Room a Fab Look with Wall Hangings

Any dull and dreary look of a living room can be instantly transformed into a fab place of relaxation with traditional Indian art works and craft pieces. Interior decorators put forward the point that how you arrange your framed photos, favourite wall art, and collectibles add that ‘oomph’ and gusto to the living space. In fact, a decent exhibition of wall art can transform the entire aesthetics of your living space or work space. A good display should make sure any picture hang above one’s line of vision; this, of course, depends on how well you define and classify it.

Another point is that when you create a collection of art or photos on the walls of your living room the focus literally is on the hangings. However, you first need to map out the way you want to arrange the hangings on the wall (without drilling them endlessly) by first laying them on the floor and do the planning. The secret to arranging the hangings on the wall is to strike the right balance.

Use a measuring tape to mark the distance between two pictures in a row to make it look symmetric. Maintain balance with two medium sized pictures on the right and a large picture on the left. The right amount of lightning is important to pull in more eyeballs. At the same time, ensure that the illumination set-up is not overly bright causing undesirable glare or heavy on the eyes.

Add some variety to the set-up. Use frames and mats that come in different shapes and sizes, but only those that go with each other well. Accentuate the balance in your entire room. If you find that there are far too many things in one part of the room that is out of sync with your decor, try moving those out to another location. Also, if you leave the other walls bare and open, the balance would go out of place. That is why the right balance is the key in decors, particularly when it comes to arranging wall hangings.