Important Vastu Tips for Paintings - Part 2

The first part of the two-part series of the blog covered a few important tips on Vastu for paintings at home or office. But one should remember that there are special Vastu rules in place for paintings of God. Here are some of the points to note when placing paintings of God that is worth a read:

• Paintings of Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman, as per Vastu, to be placed facing South-West direction at your home and office for safety from evil eyes.

• Paintings of goddess Lakshmi to be placed facing east direction after Pooja for prosperity. Ensure this place is bright and not dimly lit in day time.

• Paintings of Lord Ganesha to be placed in such a way that it should be practically the first thing you see when you step into your house. As per Vastu, leaving the front wall blank at the entrance of your house is a sign of loneliness.

• Prayer or Pooja room at home is to be in north-east corner, east corner or centre portion of the house. In addition to this, all the paintings of God in the Pooja room must face east direction for prosperity, wealth and auspiciousness.

• Never should you place the paintings of God in bedroom. Also placing paintings of themes such as violence, death and negative themes of life in bedroom is a strict no-no, as per Vastu.

• In kid’s room place paintings such as goddess Saraswati and themes like running horse, sunrise and mountains facing the East direction. Ensure your kids lie with their heads facing the East, same direction as that of the paintings.

• Usually at Hindu homes, the Swastika or Om should be placed above the gate or on the entry gate. This, according to Vastu Shastra, helps ward off evil, black eyes and demonic evils from the home or office.

Vastu, as believed by Hindus, brings a lot of peace, happiness and prosperity at home or office if the rules pertaining to the practises are followed properly and principles aren’t neglected in any sense to avoid negative effects.