Important Vastu Tips for Paintings - Part 1

It is important to place your cherished paintings as per Vastu Shasta in order to receive the full benefits of the time-tested scientific practise. Vastu says that it is recommended to hang the paintings of Gods facing North, North-East and East directions for the desired benefits. According to Vastu, it is best to place paintings of natural scenery at your home facing North-East direction. As per Vastu, North-East location is considered as best for placing paintings of natural scenery at your home. In the same way, Vastu gives you different results for paintings and frames in different locations.

Here are some points that should be followed according to Vastu practises:

• Bright scenery shouldn’t be used to adorn the walls facing West, South or South west side.

• At the same time, photos or portrait paintings of departed souls of joint family should be hung facing the south direction.

• Also the photos or portrait paintings of departed souls should not be placed in the Pooja rooms, according to Vasta Shastra, as it is considered inauspicious.

• It is best to hang the photos or portrait paintings of living members of family facing the east direction.

• It is better to avoid paintings of themes such as poverty, crying old woman, people struggling or fighting, war and battle scenes, eagles, anger, and man-eating creatures at your home or office as it can have a negative impact on your behaviour.

• For total peace of mind painting themes such as a herd of running horses, sunrise over the ocean, laughing children, laughing Buddha, mountains, flowers, waterfalls, gold and alike are recommended at your home or office.

• Having a set of laughing Buddha in metal form at your home or office, as per Vastu, is an excellent way to surround yourself with happiness and peace of mind.

• Paintings of mountain-related themes can be placed at the entrance of the home in the south direction. This can bring good fortune to home, as per Vastu practises.

• The South-west corner of your living room is a great place to have positive-theme based paintings. These paintings can also be placed in your bed room in the same direction.