6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Painting for your Living Room - Part 1

The living room is an integral part of any house for entertaining guests. Any living room should lend a relaxed, invigorating and welcome ambience. The look and feel of the walls of the living room that has been freshly painted can be enhanced by strikingly exquisite and beautiful paintings. However, even if you have the most eye-popping painting in your living room it should complement well with the style, colour and theme of the room. In other words, it should go well with the interior of the living room. One’s character, taste and theme are reflected by the paintings he/she has at home. Here are few points to consider when going for the perfect painting for your living room:

1. Style and Theme:

The first thing to look for is whether the painting you select goes with the style and theme of the living room. If your living presents a vintage look with antique decor, then you should try to match it up with a traditional-style painting and heritage painting. If your living room is ethnically styled, then go for Mughal, Court, Love and Radha Krishna Paintings. If your living room contains contemporary furniture, then team it up with surreal and abstract paintings. A painting having realistic theme will look splendid in a minimalistic living room. Therefore, keep in mind the style and theme of the living room no sooner than before you find the paintings out of sync with the overall decor.

2. Colours of the room:

Selecting a painting that resonates with the colours of the living room is important, The paintings you go for should blend with the genial colours and softer tones of the wall decors of the living room. A painting with bolder and brilliant colours in a living room would invite envious looks but it should go well with the room’s colour scheme and add to its aesthetic value and appeal. If your living room has a neutral colour scheme, match it with painting having vibrant and solid colours for an inviting look. This can sell well with living rooms designed with a minimalistic approach.

3. Framing:

The frame is the one that often fixates a viewer’s attention on the painting. It is not necessary to frame gallery wrapped paintings. It is important to see if the frame syncs with the furniture decor of the living room. For paintings with historical or traditional themes rich wooden frames or a golden frame can accentuate the looks. Abstract and Surreal paintings lends a super look in sleek and light frames. However there is no hard and fast rule for choosing the perfect frame for the paintings in your living room. It pays to experiment a bit with various styles and let your preferences and intuition dictate what will be the perfect choice for your living room.