How to choose the perfect Oil Paintings?

Have you recently shifted to your dream apartment or house? In today’s frenzied and hectic pace the mind finds welcome solace and immediate retreat at home. The secret of a comforting and reassuring environment lies in the decor of the house. If all what you see around at your new home is nothing save glaring white walls staring vacantly at you, you need to infuse a new lease of life to your living room accessorising with an oil-painting add-on.

If you don’t have any idea of what kind of art would look best at your home, you might be well overwhelmed by the tons of recommendations on home decor, available both online as well offline. Explore deeper and there are ways how you can decorate your home that can put you in a relaxed and rejuvenated state when you look at them. Therefore, don't get hung up on conflicting advice you hear around while choosing the right oil painting; at the end of the day, you’re the one that needs to take a call.

The best way to begin is to examine the space where you are contemplating of hanging your oil painting. It can be anywhere from over the couch, over the fireplace, or on focal walls in your living room. The size of the oil paintings should ideally fit the size of your living room space.

Another thing you need to do when selecting an oil painting for your living room is adopting the right colours and techniques that are also aesthetically pleasing. If you already have living room furniture that speaks for itself or a rug that you know you can place in the room forever, these can be a source of starting points for selecting the oil paintings that complement them. Cull out the colours that stand out in these things and explore oil painting types which have all or some of these colours. Another point to consider is that the painting style should, at large, go in line with your style, and the style of your home and living room. Trying to pair a Victorian landscape with post-modern furniture would be out of sync, therefore look out for the right combination and complementing aspects always before choosing the right oil painting for your decor.