Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore painting, a classical South Indian painting has its roots dated back to the 16th century, originated from the town of Thanjavur. It draws its resources and inspiration from our tradition and is done mostly on Hindu Gods/Goddesses and Saints.

Tanjore paintings are known for its rich color, surface richness, compact composition and high durable glow. They are usually made on wood and cloth made canvas. It comes in 3 finishes – classic, embossed and unique.  High quality 22 carat gold foil is used to ensure that it lasts for generations. They are also adorned with semi precious stones, glass pieces and gold that adds color to the environment. 

In present times, American diamond stones are also being used. A final touch of colors are applied on the sketch to complete the look of the painting. Frames are used to enhance the painting  as well as to protect the painting. 

Tanjore Paintings are made in various sizes to suit the function and choice of the patron and, it certainly adds to the divinity of the pooja rooms as well. They also make good gifts for occasions like weddings, corporate events and also as mementos and souvenirs. It has become the most sought out item in galleries of traditional paintings in India and abroad.

Customized pooja room according to your views, corporate gifts, return gifts. 

How are we unique?

We create the paintings aesthetically and traditionally and start the painting on an auspicious day and open the eyes of the god on a good day at a good time . so that the client is blessed  with all good health , wealth and prosperity.

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