Why choose Oil Paintings from Sandiv Art Gallery?

Have you recently shifted to a new house? Are you looking to spice up your walls than settling with mundane interiors and eye-catchy posters? Don’t look any further than our assortment of Oil paintings to give a new lease of life to your living room. To start with, the space where you want the oil paintings to be hung has to be inspected. Most people hang their canvasses over the sofa, over the chimney or on the central dividers found in the lounge room.

There a few homes comprising substantial parlours and small family rooms, and you should have a Sketch Measure that helps you measure things within your design specs. One more thing you may have to do when you are picking an oil painting for your family room is the right combination of hues and method that you find it appeasing.

Sandiv Art Gallery takes pride in offering you museum quality oil paintings for your home or office at affordable prices. Each one of our exquisite painting is carefully hand-painted on canvas by our master artists. The oil paints, specially-coated cotton canvas and brushes used are of premium quality. Each of our splendid work of arts is produced with meticulous attention to details, technique, aesthetics and style.

Why buy a poster or print when you can dazzle your guests at home with our range of masterly oil painting works including Abstract, Animals/Birds, Flowers, Modern Art and Natural scenery ones all handcrafted and hand decorated by professional artists. While looking stunning in your home, our oil paintings never fail to steal a few looks in your office. They make excellent conversation pieces that speak volumes for themselves and can turn out to be the cynosure of attraction every time. We would love to get in touch with you for more information on our oil paintings, therefore feel free to contact us.