Why Portrait Oil Painting is a perfect gift for your loved one?

We have all, at some point or another, at crossroads for gift ideas for our kith and kin. The more you think about getting the perfect one, all the more it becomes challenging. It can be daunting a task to find something that would suit one’s preference. But we think we’ve got a solution – a portrait oil painting!

The advantage of gifting portrait oil painting is that it comes with an assortment of sizes, colours, themes and subjects. Purchasing expensive originals can cost you a fortune. The best alternative is a hand painted oil painting reproduction produced on real canvas where the brush strokes will be clearly visible. The colour, texture and details from the original works are faithfully reproduced which makes a great gift that will be cherished for lifetime.

Going for a reproduction painting over a flat and lifeless print is more flattering as the prints often fell short of true colours and the vivacity of a hand painted reproduction. If you are having a hard time finding the perfect painting type to the recipient, try replacing the existing print with an oil painting reproduction, and have yourself rewarded for your originality and innovation.

If you still keep flipping back and forth between the choices, why not go for a portrait? You need not spend endless time ruminating the choices; rather go for a photograph you would like to reproduce in hand painted oil painting and admire the incredibly detailed lifelike results. Now then, the choice of a portrait is endless: wedding pictures, holiday memories, baby or children’s portrait, family or friends’ group photo, college/university graduation, or a special family photo and so on.

Not done with the portrait still? There is a good deal of variation you can produce by adding a pop effect to the portrait or you can arouse your creative bit to make it look traditional. A portrait painting of your playful pet can be a great idea too. All said and done, a portrait of your special person in life reproduced with great detailing and amazing finish stands for ages to come.

For the best results, you need to search for a painting company you can expect to produce your own masterpiece. Spend some time to check the range of oil painting collection we have stocked on our website to gift your loved one. Don’t think further; we offer free home delivery and international delivery on orders online, with good support and a reliable warranty and return policy.