Know the differences Between Fine Art and Decorative Art?

The differences between Fine Art and Decorative Art can be wide, and one shouldn’t take both these art forms to be of the same nature.

Put in other words, Fine Art is all about being a visual object that carries no functional purpose rather than to be admired and viewed as an aesthetic object, whereas Decorative Art is not only aesthetically and visually pleasing, but also doubles utility as a furniture piece, tableware, soft furnishings, textiles that suit all kinds of home décor styles.

Fine Art
Fine Art is historically termed as the “Visual Arts”. Artists put in their best creative and artistic efforts to produce stunning art works mostly exhibited in art museums and art galleries and art-lovers purchase them for exorbitant prices at art houses and auctions. Fine art comes in a range of forms such as drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, lithographs and installation art. The advent of the 20th century witnessed sea changes in the way fine art came to be displayed including digital audio and video art and sound art found to be conceptual and fleeting in nature. This said the definition and meaning of Fine Arts have evolved since ages with their sales raking in millions of dollars.

Decorative Art
Decorative Art is made by craftsmen and craftswomen, none other than artists themselves. They stand out because of their specialization of their art, and whatever they produce turn out to be productive. There are a whole range of Decorative arts, the individual discussion of which will be beyond the scope of the article. A few popular decorative art category types include metal work, woodworking, ceramics and textiles, with varying techniques and artwork. Functional objects such as furniture, candlesticks, tapestries, weavings, carpets, cutlery, urns, bowls, pottery and several other functionally aesthetic objects that may even attract the window-shopper and occasional art-lovers. Popular art museums and galleries house a range of decorative art works tagged at very high prices.

This article will only serve as a primer to know what fundamentally differentiates fine art from decorative art. There are lot many resources online to study these differences in detail with artworks of several artists as touchpoints and references.