How to use Indian art to decorate your home this Diwali?

Home is your haven, your refuge and your retreat, perhaps much more than that. Home is the place where everyone belongs to; it’s also where you relate your feelings with. Indian traditional culture and value system respects and celebrates the environment and nature around. Indian art is famous the world over for its inherent artistic value. Picking an Indian art this Diwali will not only lend your house a festive look but also can boost the morale of an artist to continue his passion further.

Generally, Indian Art is an assortment of colours, patterns, designs and textures, making it ready to go with any decor theme and scheme. Even geometric or floral textures in pastel palettes make a superb addition to your home.

Whether your home decor is traditional or contemporary, colours can take up any space and provide a festive look and feel. Contemporary space will be better off if you the right colours and pattern that will show up the clean lines of the space. For example, in contemporary spaces, going for pastel and downcast colours will add a bit of class, whereas a splash of loud, bright colour may seem to be spunky.

India is all about colours, particularly the bright palettes that are mainstream in all festivities. Therefore, this Diwali why not try a neutral shade as a palette, and then add to it any primary warm colour featuring nicely placed accents? We love anything with pastel green and rustic orange as a base and accent respectively — sure to make a lasting impression upon the onlookers.

No matter of what type of space you have, don’t try to bring in too many elements as it can play spoilsport. Go for a minimalist approach by de-cluttering your space and bringing together similar elements that can gel well with one another.

Look if you can add some substance, just not space filling on a blank wall or drab such as an intricate Mandala patterns or gorgeous Warli pattern. Placing traditional Indian figurines made of stone, terracotta can add that spiritual oomph to the setting. Complementary props such as candlesticks, hanging lights or bronze lanterns, electric diyas, antique piece of wood or traditional Indian side boards having carvings or inlay can ignite the festive spirit. Put tea light candles into a bowl of water and flower petal arrangements to toss up in the air in excitement!

If you think you can still put some more zing to a dull, dreary and lifeless decor, go for sumptuous centrepiece in furniture such as footstools or wooden dowry chests or wall decor with mirror panels and Jharokhas, adding to the architectural beauty of your house. The entrance to your home is equally important to make a great first impression. You can also design the centre table with resplendent floral arrangement. Ensure the colours of the floor go with the colours present in your room. Generally, yellow, orange, and white arrangements compliment with most hues and spaces.

Finally, don’t forget to give your house the ultimate Indian touch with traditional Indian art pieces like Tanjore paintings, Glass paintings, Mural paintings, Fusion paintings, etc that you can easily purchase from us. Talk to us and we have stocked a range of paintings and prints for you available from our site.