How to buy Art Paintings online in India?

How to buy Art Paintings online in India?

India is a fabulous land of art and culture. Much has been said about India’s rich art forms that almost have a cult following across the world. Many art galleries naturally enjoy a wide patronage from art buffs and buyers. There are a few things you can do, as an art lover, if you want to buy Indian art from galleries online:

Invest some time before you invest money. Many galleries online have a huge stock of art objects on display. Request a catalogue so that you can look into all the products one by one on display; pricey artefacts, they are, can’t be purchased at first sight. There are always unique artefacts which you can purchase with some investment of time and money.

Compare the prices. This is the next important step as each art gallery offers different price ranges that factor in shipping/delivery charges based on the location of product ordered. Also, check if you can purchase a specific painting online from your location; some you can’t. If you find wide price differences, go for the one, which you feel, is affordable.

Sound return policy. Most art galleries online have a satisfactory return policy. Buyers, more often than not, purchase artefacts without personally seeing it and there must be some guarantee involved, in case you find the art object to be defective, unsuitable or different from what you had seen/purchased online; only a return policy can help you ship the product back. Check if the artefact contains shipping insurance; otherwise you’ll have to pay the price for the damage occurred during shipping.

Authenticity matters a lot. Ensure the painting you buy is an authentic piece of art. It makes all the more sense if paintings carry certificate of authenticity which will help you buy the artwork satisfactorily. Reading through the comments and reviews of authentic buyers or confirmed purchasers will help you check if the art work is really authentic or not.

Register with the gallery online: Subscribe to an online gallery to receive emails related to upcoming events and exhibitions. You can also request previews of the previous works of a particular artist either through regular email updates or mail sent to you through subscriptions. And for all this and more, online galleries are open 24/7.