Is Modern Art real art?

This is one topic that people love to debate. For some modern art is no art at all while for others it is something unique with layers of meanings like a poetry.

On modern art many people have strong opinions. Some people argue that modern art is just a way to make money and there is no creativity involved. But there are also many people who appreciate modern art and say that it is a thought-provoking way of expressing ideas.

Today, modern art is looked upon as something “cool”. And in cities all over the world galleries are popping up to display modern art.

And the best part is that many modern art museums have free entry, which makes them accessible for more people. Even if you don’t understand the meaning of an art work you can very well visit one of these museums and have a look around without any guilt of losing your hard earned money.

For students this is a boon as when they have nothing to do they can spend some time in these art galleries.

There is something enjoyable about modern art. When compared to medieval paintings modern art is arguably more interesting to look at.

At the same time modern art haters also have valid points to not like these paintings. When you look at a row of ordinary brick in an empty room or a blank canvas with just one black line running across you may feel there is nothing thought-provoking about them. That is quite understandable. You many even feel like you could have easily done that. A canvas with just one dot selling for crazy money just because it was done by a famous artiste may baffle you. The money is for the ideas behind the exhibit. What makes modern art worthwhile is that it stirs some kind of feeling. You can give it your own interpretations.

An interesting question is raised by modern art. What does art represent? Some say ballet, poetry, music... others say any kind of self-expression. For others what come to their mind when they think about modern art are classical painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

You can give your own definition to art. And whatever the arguments against modern art, it is only becoming more popular with the passing of each year with more and more galleries and even museums exhibiting such works.