Design your Pooja room doors with Tanjore Paintings

Pooja rooms are part and parcel of every Hindu home. While designing a pooja room there are many aspects to consider. To maintain the sanctity of the place extreme care should be taken.

Vaastu guidelines are followed while selecting the location of pooja rooms. The Brahmasthan or the central portion is the best location for large houses. The north-east direction is also good if it is not a large area. Avoid placing pooja rooms in the south-western corner or the south-eastern corner. The pooja rooms should be located on the ground floors.

Pooja rooms should be kept neat and clean as well as there should not be any clutter. This is essential for positive energy to radiate from the space. Paint the pooja rooms with light colours, or white is perfect. Floors should also have light colours. This will create a positive and serene atmosphere.

For pooja room doors there are many aesthetically appealing designs. Many prefer wooden doors with embellishments and carvings. Doors with tiny bells or Tanjore paintings or little murals with the figures of gods and goddesses as the central theme in the panels will look ethereal and many people prefer the same. Tajore paintings with their vivid colours and exquisite embellishments will create an inviting and elegant ambience.

The pooja room should be separated from the other adjoining rooms using panels or doors.

While building shelves to keep idols in the pooja rooms there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Dedicate the north-eastern side of the pooja room to keep idols and don’t let the idols touch the wall. There should be some space between the wall and the idols. In front of the idols, lamps should be placed. Always keep the idols raised on a platform or mandir, and never on the floor. Mandirs are available in different sizes and in many different designs in stone, marble and wood. The ambience of the pooja room will be enhanced if there is a beautiful mandir.

While worshipping you should face east/north-east. Hence idols should be placed in the opposite direction.

It is said that you should avoid placing shells and bells in pooja rooms. Only a sacred place like a temple should have these items.

Never keep money and valuables in your pooja rooms.