Know different forms of Lord Hanuman

One of the most powerful gods of all time is Lord Hanuman and it is said that you will be powerful and strong if you pray to this Lord every day.

Forms of Hanuman

Maruti as the attendant and Maruti as the brave one are the two forms of Hanuman. Hanuman with his tail resting on the ground stands in front of Rama with his hands folded in obeisance is the servitor form. The stance of Maruti as the brave one is that of one ready for battle. His right hand is turned towards His head and His tail is upright. Maruti as the courageous one is worshipped to overcome problems owing to black magic, possession, etc.

The various avatars of Hanuman will give you good luck. Let’s talk about them.

To do away with misfortune

Praying to the avatar of Hanuman bowing his head in front of Rama and Sita will do away with all your misfortune.

For job-related issues

A Hanuman painting or picture with a white backdrop is for career related issues, better salary, promotion, etc.

For peace, focus and to bring out the goodness in you

Those pictures that show Hanuman lost in the devotion of Lord Rama is for concentration and peace. It will also help you take good decisions in life, and gives one the power to do good to people.

For physical and mental strength

For strength to endure any pain – both mental and physical – pray to a picture that showcases the physical strength of Hanuman.

For health, wealth and prosperity

Pictures or paintings that show Hanuman praying to the Sun God will promote the health, wealth and prosperity in a person.

For the blessings of all gods and goddess

To get the blessings of all the gods and goddesses pray to a picture that shows Hanuman facing to the North.

To remove fear of death

To remove fear of death in an individual pray to a picture of Hanuman facing the south.

To make your wish come true:

  • To please the monkey Lord and make your wish come true chant the name of Rama.
  • With a clean mind visit the Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • In the morning and before going to bed at night chant Hanuman’s name 108 times
  • Give up non-veg food for a while and pray to Hanuman if one has any health issues
  • If you are facing any problem read the Hanuman Chalisa once a day after you have had a bath.
  • Whenever you feel stressed chant the Hanuman Chalisa and it will remove all fear inside you and calm you down instantly.
  • Chant the Hanuman Chalisa as much as you can if you have any marital discord.

Bring home a Hanuman Tanjore painting

Praying before a Lord Hanuman Tanjore painting will elevate all your problems and will give you strength, confidence, prosperity and peace. A wide range of Tanjore paintings that depict different forms of Hanuman are available. So make your pick.

However, never keep Hanuman paintings in your bedroom. Hanuman was unmarried, and his picture is not right for a bedroom. His picture should be kept in a separate puja room.