Ganesha - The God of Good Luck

Millions of homes and even offices have paintings or idols of Ganesha. He is a popular god not only in India but all over the world. Millions of pictures, statues, necklaces, pendants, key chains, etc, are manufactured every year.

Ganesha is also known as Ganesh, Vinayaka, and Ganapati.

Ganesha, the god with the elephant head and large tummy, is easily identified.

The popularity of Ganesha idols and paintings is because he is believed to have the power to remove all obstacles. He can lead you to success and even take away all your worries and roadblocks. Ganesha can bless you with wealth and prosperity.

In India, Ganesha the remover of obstacles have found a pride of place even in non-Hindu homes. This god has been accepted even by the Buddhists in Thailand!

Before exams students pray to him for success.

Before starting a new enterprise business people turn to Ganesha. Ganesha will make sure the wind of wealth blows in their direction and will assist them in financial matters.

Ganesha idol or paintings are carried by people who move to new places as he is the god who help in the success of any new venture.

That is the reason why before any special ceremony people pray to Ganesha.

Because of these reasons paintings and idols of Lord Ganesha make a popular gift option amongst members of the Hindu community during special occasions. Be it the ‘Griha Pravesh’ of a home or inauguration of a new office, Ganesha paintings and idols make a popular gift item. His friendly appearance has made children adore him. Elderly worship him for his divine significance.

Even though people place Ganesha idols and paintings in their homes and offices, most of them are unaware of the significance of this god.

Symbolic Meaning of Lord Ganesha’s Appearance

Lord Ganesha’s body symbolizes the entire universe. At the same time each of his body parts have its own significance. Ganesha’s eyes indicate concentration and his big ears indicate good listening. His small mouth reminds us that we should not talk too much and should honour our words.

Why Should You Give Ganesha Tanjore Paintings as Gifts?

For everyone and for every occasion Ganesha Tanjore paintings make perfect gifts. Lord Ganesha’s blessings are needed for everyone. People pray to Ganesha before starting any new endeavour, be it buying a new home or vehicle or a business venture or facing an interview. People pray to Lord Ganesha during such times.

Lord Ganesha Tanjore paintings are ideal gifting options for weddings. His blessings are needed for the newly wedded couple to lead a happy life. Ganesha Tajore paintings are apt as a birthday gift as it wishes the recipient a successful year ahead. For housewarming ceremonies Ganesha Tanjore paintings are the most sought after gifts. It is the perfect way to wish your loved ones an auspicious stay at the house. These paintings also accentuate the spiritual and visual appeal of your home or office.